Weight Loss Management

Whether you want to lose weight or optimize your health—WeightSmartNP can help. Our team is dedicated to assisting you with your weight reduction goals. We offer a top-quality medical and holistic weight loss program. This is a professional weight loss strategy that involves the management of a patient’s diet and lifestyle factors to help you to achieve a more ideal weight as well as  choice of  medications for optimal weight loss results and weight management.

The WeightSmartNP offers a  holistic approach to losing weight with personalized natural weight loss solutions, ensuring that we are able to meet your specific needs.  We also offer comprehensive metabolic and hormone testing, administer B12 injections to increase energy and help with metabolic functions.

Dr. Olga Saletska received her doctoral degree and Family Nurse Practitioner board certification from  Loyola University in Chicago. She holds the Certificate of

Advanced Education in Obesity treatment and management and is a member of Obesity Medicine Association. Dr. Olga Saletska is well-trained in modern weightloss treatment and lifestyle modifications techniques and more to help you meet and exceed your expectations.  Her clinical research focus includes obesity and metabolic disorders. Additionally, Dr. Saletska provides primary care medical  services  at  Family practice Village Doctor, Ltd.

WeightSmartNP LLC is understanding all the specific factors that influence your weight.

  • Weight Loss Counselling: Build a personalized plan from scratch together. Provide body composition analysis and health assessment.
  • Personalized Nutritional Counselling: Design a diet and meal planning based on your needs.
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Health testing: Recommend a full metabolic and hormonal panel to better understand how your body processes food.
  • Anti-Obesity Medications: Utilize and guide on appetite suppressant medications as a tool for optimal weight-loss regimen.
  • Lifestyle Modifications: Identify critical factors that can influence weight, like your medical history, lifestyle, metabolism, and emotions.
  • Monthly weigh-in & follow up: After the initial consultation, follow up visits will be set every month or as needed.  On average, goal is between two to five pounds of weight loss each week.