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YellowBlu Med Spa:

  • for the love of skin
  • masters of beauty revival
  • uncover your true skin
  • the art and science of skin revival
  • crafting dermal landscapes one skin cell at a time

You may be wondering: “Why YellowBlu?”

The name evokes my first gaze at the boundless azure skies fanning the sun-soaked wheat fields along the majestic Dnipro River.

It took my breath away.

I knew I would spend my life creating beauty, in whatever form I was able. Soon, talent, training, and fate led me to a different kind of landscape – the soft, sensual grooves and curves of the skin.

At YellowBlu we nurture your most voluminous organ until it’s as clear and radiant as a cloudless sky; as supple and nutrient-rich as a golden wheat field.

With the knowledge of scientists and the passion of artists, we tone, sculpt, and smooth your dermal landscape, until you glow with natural, youthful confidence.

And take their breath away.

Our Services

European skin care

Laser and light based procedures

Non-surgical face lift


Body contouring

Aesthetics Education

Visia Skin Analysis

Beauty Inside & Out

Full Body Skin Care

Our Staff


- Doctor Nursing Practice FPA Board Certified in Aesthetics


- Office administrator


- Licensed aesthetician


- Licensed aesthetician


- Licensed aesthetician

What Our Client Says

``I came this place with my friend, who highly recommended one of the aestheticians. I love this place. Very clean and pleasant. I had several procedures done since my first visit for the facial. I have nothing but good things to say. Just last week I had my lips done. Love my new look. No downtime and no bruising. The doctor ( Natalie) , who saw me in consultation was so personable and nice. She spent so much time with me: evaluating skin complexion, discussing options etc. She did my lips (love my lips) . I highly recommend this MedSpa !!``

Ann M. 

“I have been a client at this spa for several months and I love the way it’s run and how careful and thoughtful their doctor is. I met with doc for initial evaluation and skin analysis using Visio earlier this year, she created a plan and we have been following the treatment plan for several months now . I love complex approach she is using and the estheticians , who perform the procedures are amazing !”

Nina L. 

“I have nothing but great things to say about the treatments, professionals, and care that I have received here! I have had such successful results with my laser hair removal. Alex is so knowledgeable and thorough in the treatments and always ensures the best care! I have loved Hydrafacials there and will only go back to them in the future!<br /> They also have great memberships structure: you get your day at the spa and unbeatable prices on services and retail.”

Jane R.