Laser and light based procedures

Laser and light based procedures

The fingertips that caress your skin should enjoy a smooth, sensual journey…

Imagine that uneven skin texture morphing into a vibrant glow. That splotchy redness, into your natural-born skin tone. Those scar mementos into memories of younger years.

At YellowBlu Med Spa, it’s out with the old, and in with the new – skin cells, that is. Our non-surgical facelift gingerly removes your damaged surface skin layer to reveal the healthy one underneath.

Many guests come in exasperated, telling us: ”I’ve been researching how to make my skin smooth and spotless – but all those choices have my head spinning!”

We get it.

There is so much laser technology out there, but not all of it will work for your age, skin type, and damage level.

Does your skin require ResurFx for scars, warts, and deeper skin damage? Radiofrequency treatments for fine lines and laxity? IPL/BBL for redness and rosacea? Fractional lasers for remote, delicate regions? Or is IPL more appropriate for your age and skin type?

You won’t know until you meet with our medical aesthetics team, which has resurfaced every type of skin and imperfection hundreds of times– always with the gentle, perfectionist touch of a master sculptor.

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