Gwenyth Paltrow may have time for face yoga, but does your double chin?

Have you already tried Japanese Pao devices? Anti-aging facial exercises? Acupuncture facelift? Those tricks may increase your muscle size and boost circulation – but they can never target the root cause of your skin laxity: waning collagen.

At YellowBlu Med Spa we have mastered the science of the double chin.

After meeting with you, examining your skin and analyzing your medical history, our anti-aging team will calculate exactly how much of Kybella therapy to deliver where, and for how long.

We’ve spent over a decade delivering this clinically proven therapy to take chins from double sag to single, sensual swoop – for a profile that won’t require your selfies to be taken from three meters up in the air.

We will nurture and monitor you through your protocol until your chin is silky-smooth, taut, and contoured like it was meant to be.

So, stop staring at those face yoga before and after photos – call or contact us to book an appointment today.